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Archive • Mar 23, 2018

Esports Arena Vegas Announce $50,000 Fortnite Event Involving Ninja

The question of whether Fortnite can be a viable competitive title is still dividing opinions, but that hasn't stopped a number of events taking place. The Epic Games title has been a worldwide success due to being free and available across PC/Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile, combined with fun graphics and addictive gameplay.

One of the biggest success stories from the game's rise has been the growth of Twitch streamer, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, who is now the world's most popular streamer on the Amazon owned website, amassing over 200,000 subscribers and over three million followers. The former professional Halo player has taken his endless energy into the battle royale genre and appears to have struck gold when he became one of the first high profile names to focus on Fortnite permanently.

Now considered one of the best in the world, he'll be putting his skills to the test when the Esports Arena Vegas, located at the Luxor Hotel, hosts a $50,000 Fortnite tournament on Saturday, April 21st. The full details haven't been confirmed, such as how to enter the competition, but the winner of each game will receive $2,500 prize money, however if Ninja wins his share goes directly to charity and the money carries on to the next round. From the tone of the Tweet published on March 22nd, it's expected to be a solo tournament rather than duos or squads. x  The Esports Arena Vegas is a purpose built competitive gaming center that offiically opened on March 22nd in the heart of Sin City. The state of the art multi-level arena features 30,000 square foot of space, full broadcast and production studios, a gamer inspired menu and restaurant, luxury VIP lounges and more. The aim of the venue is to become a hub for esports events that need a space for their tournaments, with an all in one facility. The first official event will see a Smash 4 event take place between Saturday March 23rd and 24th. x