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Archive • Nov 14, 2017

ESL Editor and Commentator Hits Out at Esports Industry Awards

Veteran esports commentator and current ESL Editor in Chief Joe Miller has hit out at the Esports Industry Awards for not being independent. Miller made his name casting games like Counter-Strike and Quake but would later move on to commentating League of Legends before finally moving into a more managerial role at ESL. The Brit may be less in the eye of the public now than he was when he was casting the likes of the LoL World Championships, but his many years of work within the scene have made him a well respected member of the esports community. So, when Miller took to Twitter on November 14th to complain about the Esports Industry Awards it created quite a stir. Miller began by stating that he had not been invited to the awards before sarcastically suggesting that this might cause him to "stop working in the field due to massive disappointment". But he did not stop there. Commentating on the award for videographer of the year, Miller said it was "missing so many people".     The ESL employee then went on to discuss the lack of independence in the awards, claiming that we should "give a shit" only when they become so. He concluded by saying that he was not trying to detract from the winners of the awards but that people should keep in mind who is "behind these things".     Another veteran of the scene, Scott 'SirScoots' Smith was quick to point out that other awards such as ESL's "Hall of Fame" has the exact same issues, but Miller continues to say that independent awards would still be a great addition. SirScoots then points out that almost no awards for any industry is independent of the industry itself. This is true for everything from science to film. However, Miller maintains his stance that an independent award ceremony would be a welcome addition.     You can find all the winners of the various categories at the Esports Industry Awards here. -

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