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Archive • Oct 11, 2017

eRa's Rallied Hits Three Ridiculous Sniper Shots During Black Ops III Wager

Patrick ‘Rallied’ Salata of eRa Call of Duty demonstrated his prowess with a sniper rifle in a Black Ops 3 wager match. Mainly known among the competitive CoD community for his presence in various online tournaments, Rallied has also established himself as a dedicated streamer on the Twitch platform. Although he has shown that he can keep up with top players in the scene, he will be joining his first professional team under the eRa organization alongside Kenneth 'Dedo' Dedo, Colt 'Havok' McLendon, and Damod 'FEARS' Abney for the upcoming CoD: WWII season. He is a specialist at Search and Destroy, and will look to bring his in-game knowledge to a squad that many believe will already be incredibly strong in the game mode throughout the duration of the year. However, until the release of WWII in early November, many competitors can be found playing a mix of different CoD titles and other games in order to pass the time of the 'offseason.' In a high-roller wager match on Black Ops 3 with a pool of $300, Rallied, alongside Brandon 'Dashy' Otell of Enigma6 and iLLeY, went up against TJ 'TJHaLy' Haly of Rise Nation, Blaztful, and EmigrantChain in a best-of-three format. Showcasing his movement, Rallied strings together a series of impressive shots with the Locus on Infection, giving his squad the 2-0 edge. x Rallied and the remainder of eRa will be gearing up for the CoD: WWII season, with the title set to launch on November 3rd worldwide. x

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