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Archive • Nov 14, 2017

eRa Eternity Linked to Further Roster Changes Amid Post-2K Shuffle

We're barely a week into the Call of Duty: WWII season, but some teams are already making roster changes. With squads for the new season having in many cases been built blind, matching players who have never competed together for a game that nobody had yet played extensively, it was perhaps inevitable that some would ultimately not work out. The first true test of teams came over the past weekend, on November 12th, when the first 2000 Series tournaments for each region offered the first true test for new teams. With few opportunities to grab Pro Points in bulk before the first major event of the year, CWL Dallas, teams and players that feel the need for a change have precious little time to make that decision if they are still to have a chance at reaching pool play.

It was recently announced that eRa Eternity would be making a change, releasing Damod 'FEARS' Abney, but now it seems that a more extensive roster rebuild may be incoming. Blazt, a newcomer to premier competition for this season having made a name for himself in Search and Destroy tournaments online, has tweeted that he and Patryk 'Rallied' Salata, who is officially a player for eRa, would be teaming together for CWL Dallas. Echo Fox's Renato 'Saints' Forza added that F3ROCITYS had also joined the prospective line-up. Blazt and F3ROCITYS were previously competing together on a team with veterans Marcus 'MBoZe' Blanks and Chris 'Parasite' Duarte, but the team had run into personality clashes early, with Parasite threatening to leave after the first 2000 Series. So far, the move hasn't been officially confirmed by eRa or any other members of Blazt's team. If it does go through, however, it would create the following incomplete squads:

eRa Eternity:
  •  Kenneth 'Dedo' Dedo
  •  Colt 'Havok' McLendon
  Blazt's squad:
  •  'Blazt'
  •  'F3ROCITYS'
  •  Patryk 'Rallied' Salata
  Parasite's squad:
  •  Chris 'Parasite' Duarte
  •  Marcus 'MBoZe' Blanks

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