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Epsilon’s Josh Talks About the Impact of Madcat’s Comments at the Pro League Finals

The victory by Splyce at the CWL Global Pro League finals for Stage One was historic, but it probably wouldn’t have happened if Josh ‘Joshh’ Shephard hadn’t forced through to Epsilon.

The pickup of Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris arguably won Splyce the tournament, putting in an MVP performance that put the British squad ahead of their North American opponents for the first time.

Joshh moved onto Epsilon, replacing Ben ‘Desire’ Wright, and immediately put the team to work, defeating Splyce in the grand final of CWL Birmingham as they won two back to back best of 5’s.

Heading into CWL Anaheim’s $200,000 event across the weekend of June 16th to 18th, the Epsilon team have started to show their caliber, ending pool play with 3 wins and 1 loss.

We grabbed Joshh to discuss a number of topics ahead of the championship bracket, including whether former a speech by former teammate Dillon ‘Madcat’ Daly after the playoffs win had changed his mindset at all.

“I suppose you could say it was like a kick up the arse for most of us, even for people like myself who are motivated all the time, and sat there like realizing, why am I just sitting around and doing nothing when we could have played that one extra scrim that could help us. So I think it was pretty good and fair play to Dillon coming out after such a big victory.”


Epsilon is now expected to match up against eUnited in the first round of the championship winner bracket at CWL Anaheim.

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