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Archive • Mar 13, 2018

Epsilon Confirm Their Fourth for the CWL Pro League to Replace Nathan

The Epsilon Call of Duty team made history at CWL Atlanta 2018 for being the first ever Pool Play team to decide not to attend. The British team had only been home for two weeks after a disastrous performance in the CWL Pro League where they lost all seven games, before they had to get back on a plane to Atlanta for the $200,000 Open event.

However, the Epsilon team didn't make it onto their flights after three of the players learned whilst in the airport that Nathan 'Nathan' Orton had simply decided to not attend. The remaining players decided that they didn't want to attend and use a pickup and as a result also chose not to fly out to the United States.

That decision confirmed them as the first team in history to bail on a pool play spot, allowing Lightning Pandas to take their place. The Canadian CWL National Circuit champions went on to place second in their group and qualify for the championship winner bracket and eventually placed top 12. Despite the details of Nathan still being unknown, it appears he has been dropped from the lineup ahead of the second half of the CWL Pro League and has been replaced by Jordan 'Reedy' Reed.

Reedy has previously played for Epsilon during the Black Ops 3 season and has spent time with the likes of Renegades and Elevate during WWII and Infinite Warfare. Epsilon released this statement about using Reedy for the Pro League.

"After being unable to attend CWL Atlanta last weekend, we had been put in a difficult situation ahead of the CWL Pro League.

Thankfully, we have managed to find a solution ahead of the Pro League as Jordan “Reedy” Reed joins Epsilon Call of Duty, as a substitute, for the remainder of Stage One.

It’s been a tough season so far for Epsi CoD. With this addition to the team, we’ll be looking to get a few wins on the board as we head towards the Stage One Playoffs and Relegation.

A massive thank you to MLG for all their assistance in this situation, and thank you for all of your continued support over the past week."

  Epsilon CoD
  •  Jordan 'Reedy' Reedy
  •  Dave 'Dqvee' Davies
  •  Stephen 'Vortex' Allen
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