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EnVyUs vs Mindfreak: CWL Global Pro League Match Preview and Buzzo Video Interview

CWL Global Pro League Group Red

Match Preview

australia Mindfreak: Shockz, BuZZO, Fighta, Excite

In theory, this should be the biggest miss-match in the Red group of the CWL Global Pro League.

It’s an indicator of just how close this group is that this should be the case. On the basis of peak performance in Infinite Warfare, however, EnVyUs have had the strongest showing in the group, with a third-place finish at the CWL Atlanta Open, while Mindfreak’s best efforts have only taken them to top-twelve, at CWL Dallas.


 ‘Pedigree Discrepancy’

It’s also one of the biggest discrepancies in pedigree. While Mindfreak have long dominated the APAC region, the greatest players prove their skill on the international stage.

In terms of legacy, EnVyUs have one of the most stacked rosters in the world. Jkap is, by prize money won, the most successful player of all time. He’s one of just two players to have won the Call of Duty Championships twice, and he’s at times in his career been arguably the best player in the world. That such a storied individual now takes a more supportive role behind the stars of his team speaks to the depth of talent possessed by EnVyUs.

At the back end of Black Ops 3 it was John that took most of the limelight, but in Infinite Warfare Apathy has stepped up as possibly the biggest threat on the team. Meanwhile, SlasheR remains consistent as one of the world’s elite AR players.

There are very few teams in the world that have players on paper who can match the calibre of EnVyUs, and unfortunately Mindfreak aren’t one of them. If EnVyUs show up in full force, it’s hard to see how the Australian squad can stand up to them.

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“Consistently going toe-to-toe with top teams”

However, hope is not entirely lost for this team. While EnVyUs might have a peak that’s out of reach, their average level over the season so far has been much more beat-able.

Despite surges in performances that have seen them take down the likes of OpTic Gaming, at other times EnVy have looked distinctly underwhelming for a squad of their prestige. Even in their third-place finish at CWL Atlanta, the team exited rather abruptly with back-to-back 0-3 losses.

There’s perhaps a little more to Mindfreak than meets the eye as well. Over the course of the CWL Atlanta and Dallas events, Mindfreak lost in game five to Enigma6, Rise Nation, Cloud9, and Millenium. Even one of those games going the other way might have changed the course of their tournament and we might be looking at them in a very different light right now.

Of course, such a statistic perhaps implies a systemic problem for Mindfreak, but the point is that they’re not getting walked over and they’re consistently going toe-to-toe with top teams. They’re not necessarily a million miles away from beating top teams, and in a group as tight as this for the Global Pro League, one key win could affect the standings dramatically.


Match facts:

  • EnVyUs have never topped their group at an Infinite Warfare event
  • These two rosters have never played each other on LAN
  • The last time the organisations met was at the 2015 Call of Duty Championships


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