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Archive • Mar 13, 2018

eMLS FIFA Pro Mike LeBelle Demonstrates El Tornado Skill Move

Mike LaBelle, a household name in the FIFA Esports scene has scored a number of ridiculous goals using the very effective 'El Tornado' skill move.

The El Tornado is performed by holding L1/LB, flicking the right stick up then across in whichever direction you want to turn. However, only Cristiano Ronaldo, R9 Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann and Dele Alli can perform this extravagant skill move. Mike, who is no stranger to the FIFA Esports world being a former national champion in FIFA and having gone on to represent the US in worldwide FIFA tournaments in the past.

He also played soccer at a collegiate level. La Belle, has previously represented Hashtag United, Chicago Chimera and now most recently New York Red Bulls. He's a seasoned competitor and has been competing for over a decade across a multitude of FIFA titles dating all the way back to FIFA 07. The Houston native recently linked up with the MLS powerhouses, New York Red Bulls as their professional FIFA player. This addition is a part of EA Sports new initiative within the North America region launching the 'eMLS' where 19 of the league's clubs will have representatives at the inaugural eMLS Cup that will take place at PAX East in April.

LaBelle offers a five-minute tutorial about the 'El Tornado' skill and believes you'll be "guaranteed to score at least 5 of these per weekend."