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Archive • Apr 21, 2016

This Is Why The eClasico Is OpTic vs EnVy

By Mike Kent (@DexertoMike)


I remember the moment during UMG California when myself and Chris talked about why Team EnVyUs vs OpTic Gaming was the eClasico. An eSports spin on the El Clásico, the infamous title that the Spanish football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona is given. This article isn't me boasting that we came up with it, I'm sure it has been said in passing before. No, this article is about clarifying why the eClasico name is given to the OpTic vs EnVy rivalry and not to the OpTic vs FaZe rivalry. Whilst both have their merits, the eClasico title is given to OG vs nV because of the time and heritage between the two organisations. EnVyUs was founded back during the Call of Duty 4 days and they were always a force to be reckoned with. Some of the greatest players in CoD history have worn the blue jersey and they'll forever be a legend name of CoD eSports. OpTic on the other hand are slightly younger when it comes to the eSports scene, but their name was always around during the early days because of their sniping heritage. Still, they've been competing as a squad since early 2010 at events, again making them one of the oldest names in CoD eSports history. Both OpTic and EnVyUs have been rivals since OG got involved with the competitive scene and have butted heads countless times, creating a fierce rivalry, even when they were once part of the same umbrella company. Players have swapped between the two in controversial circumstances and there has certainly been plenty of words exchanged during darker periods, making every matchup that more interesting. FaZe on the other hand have been around as a competitive team only since the middle of 2013. They have had sniping teams around earlier than that and you could argue that that was a rivalry that it's built from, but can you count sniping in an eSports based argument? Their clashes with FaZe have only really happened properly in the last couple of years, although there is no denying they have been incredible. No one is disputing that the rivalry that FaZe has with OpTic isn't special, but it's just simply not older than their rivalry with EnVyUs. To call FaZe vs OpTic the eClasico would be writing off 3 and a half years of history before the Red Militia got into the ring and all the drama and disputes that came with it. I've yet to be given a reason why it should be the other way around. In the end I guess it doesn't really matter, but for me as a Call of Duty fan, the rivalry and intensity of every OpTic vs EnVy game means it deserves its own title and I'd hate for that to be changed, just because someone else is knocking at the door.
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