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Echo Fox Partner Up With Marketing Agency ‘VFD Esports’

A press release from Echo Fox has revealed that the organisation will be working with VFD Esports by connecting emerging brands to its athletes.

Echo Fox is owned and operated by former NBA World Champion, Rick Fox. Picking up squads in esports including CSGO, Call of Duty and League of Legends, the press release indicates they will be working with companies such as Tasty Whey, HyperX, TipTalk and Vertagear.

With the esports industry exploding in 2016, the emergence of non-endemic brands have been common place on the news pages of websites like our own. The next question, is who’s next?

A statement was released by Rick as part of the press release –

“We are extremely excited to partner with VFD eSports to help create the best brand partnerships and activations in the eSports world. VFD eSports has a proven track record across the biggest sporting leagues and is helping to bridge the gap for brands to understand how to activate in this sphere.”

VFD co-found, Elie Deshe, said the following –

“eSports presents enormous opportunities for brands within and beyond the gaming industry. Marketers are taking notice of the rapid rise of the sport, which boasts highly engaged fans and championship series that command larger audiences than most traditional sports playoffs.”

Source – VFD


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