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Archive • Dec 05, 2017

Drift0r is Investigating Skill Based Match Making in Call of Duty WWII

The debate among the Call of Duty community about skill based matchmaking (SBMM) is unlikely to ever end. If you're late to the party, there's a growing number of people who suspect that SBMM is an integral part of the matchmaking on Call of Duty WWII, which was developed and released by Sledgehammer Games on November 3rd. Co-founder of the studio and lead developer, Michael Condrey, has said in no uncertain terms that SBMM just simply is not a thing, but because people are continually matching up against people they feel are a similar level outside of Ranked Play, the speculation won't stop. One man who's refusing to make a decision based purely on how he feels is popular YouTuber Brad 'Driftor' Overbey. Known for his precise calculations when it comes to weapons in the CoD series, he's now applying that to the investigation behind SBMM. Late on Monday December 4th he released a Tweet to explain that he received his first SBMM Challenge Submission, which is a huge paper full of hardcore network analysis. In response another popular YouTuber, Birdman, responded and the pair discussed whether it was actually involved in the game and what he hopes to find from the data.   x x x