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Archive • Dec 15, 2017

DrDisRespect Live Streams Emotional Apology to His Wife and the Slick Daddy Club

"I want to be transparent that I've been unfaithful." — Those were the tearful words of DrDisRespect. In an extremely short video on his Twitch channel, DrDisRespect apologized to his wife and his audience about what he claims to be an infidelity.

The popular Twitch streamer launched his channel in early 2016 and has streamed for almost two years, five days a week. His success has been evident as he's become one of the biggest names on the Twitch streaming platform, including winning multiple awards, including streamer of the year at the Esports Industry Awards. Much to the surprise of everyone, on Thursday December 15th he launched up his stream without any of his usual Dr DisRespect clothing, and revealed that he'd be taking a break away after being unfaithful to his wife. In the emotional apology he said he wanted to be transparent and said he wanted to take some time away.
I kind of have a little bit of an announcement, and I just want to be completely transparent with you guys. As you guys know, I have a beautiful family, and a wife and kid.
And I want to be transparent that I've been unfaithful. I'm probably going to be taking some time off to focus on my family. I just wanted to let you guys, my sponsors and Twitch know — This is not who I am, it's not what I represent.
DrDisRespect rocketed to prominence in recent years, becoming one of the world's most popular streamers, broadcasting games including PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, H1Z1 and Call of Duty. As a streamer, DrDisRespect has become well known for his unique comedic style. He's also become something of a beacon of hope for many fans in the community — a fact that he acknowledged when receiving his streamer of the year award. Just how long DrDisRespect plans to take a break for is unknown at this point. You can watch the full video below. His apology begins at 1:54.