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Archive • Oct 10, 2017

Dr DisRespect Destroys NBA 2K as 'Most Pathetic Basketball Game in the History of the Industry'

Popular Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect went on an intense tirade against NBA 2K18 for a variety of in-game problems just weeks after its mid-September release. As one of the most recognizable personalities on the entire Twitch live streaming platform, Dr DisRespect has amassed an incredibly large number of fans and subscribers known as the 'Slick Daddy Club.' While mainly known for broadcasting games such as PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, 'the Doc' can be found playing a wide variety of titles for an audience typically ranging between 10,000 and 30,000 every time his channel goes live. The self-proclaimed 'most ruthless competitor in the online gaming community' is back with an incredibly hot-take about NBA 2K18, going after in-game mechanics that have not only bothered him in the newly-released title but, also, past installations in the franchise.
"Ladies and gentleman, NBA 2k18 is the biggest, most pathetic, basketball game in the histroy of the industry. It's a money-grabbing, makes me want to throw up all over my keyboard, mess. And again, it starts at the very tippity-top. Why aren't they focusing on core goals for the game being more physcis-based, less random animations. Because the entire time that I'm playing that game, I'm dealing with random animations. I've had 95-rated, I have 99-rated guys in previous NBA 2K games. Same thing happens, and it makes me sick to my stomach."
He then goes after the abundance of loading screens that players encounter in order to do simple tasks, which has been the subject of harsh criticism by many in the 2K community.
"'Hey you want that shirt?' Go into a load screen, go into your My Career, go into the elevator, go up into your closet, go through another load screen to get to the tee shirt that you just wanted to put on really quickly These guys are so stupid, they're so stupid. These idiots at the top making these decisions, it's mind boggling."
The rant can be viewed below courtesy of the BreeZe TW Twitter account. x However, at the very end, he states that he may even dabble in producing his own game in the future.
"One day, the Doctor is going to potentially consider making his own game, and when I do, ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be an eye opener. I'm going to transform the industry."
As of writing, time will only tell to see if the Doc has any actual plans to create his own title at some point down the line.
Image: NBA 2K18

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