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Archive • Dec 21, 2017

Dr DisRespect Moderator Caught Revealing More Information About the Cheating Scandal

The decision by Dr DisRespect to announce that he had been unfaithful whilst on stream sent shock-waves across the internet. The popular character rose to prominence in 2017 on Twitch with his unique blend way of streaming, which involved high production values, fast paced action and a quick wit.

His presence online won him two accolades for streamer of the year at both the Esports Industry Awards and the Game Awards 2017, with the Doc looking on form to take over the internet as we know it. Unfortunately for his thousands of fans he released an emotional statement via his Twitch channel on Thursday December 14th to reveal that he'd be taking some time out in order to focus on his family, because he had been unfaithful to his wife. x Read More:

There has been plenty of speculation about why he decided to do such a public reveal, with journalist Richard Lewis detailing four different points about why he might have done it, including potential pressure from his wife to do it. Due to the high profile nature of the admission, streamers across the Twitch network have been discussing whether he'd return. One person who believes that is certainly the case is his stream moderator, known as theOHMEGA. However theOHMEGA has also revealed some more information during a private stream that was eventually leaked, where he claimed that the Doc had slept with four different women. Why one of Doc's modeators would know this information about is private life is anyone's guess, leaving many to question the legitimacy of his claims.

The footage was aired on Drama Alert on Wednesday December 20th and revealed the following statement.
"Doc has been unfaithful with, don't share this, I have to account for everyone in this room right now, Doc has been unfaithful with at least four girls on his wife. I've kept quiet about this for two fucking years."
You can view part of the clip below in DramaAlert episode at 7 minutes 22 seconds. x