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Archive • Mar 14, 2018

What Does Dr DisRespect Listen to on Stream? The Full YouTube and Spotify Playlists

The iconic Twitch personality known as Dr DisRespect has captivated the attention of hundreds of thousands of users with his hyperactive style of entertainment. Living by his motto 'speed, violence, momentum,' the Doc's streams are almost always full of action-packed and aggressive gameplay accompanied with lots of rage-filled yelling. His taste in music perfectly compliments his personality as he can often be heard blasting fast-paced electronic music that uses a lot of synthesized and ambient sound. Most of the tracks are high quality and, back by popular demand, the Doc made his playlists public so that others can enjoy the same music at their convenience. Of course the popular streamer has himself been involved in producing a song similar to the ones he listens to on stream. He sings the vocals in the song called Gilette (The Best a Man Can Get), which he released in collaboration with artist 199x. The song has gone viral with over 2.6 millions views on YouTube and is also available on Spotify. The Doc also incorporates humor with his music as he often pretends to have a producer just off-camera with whom he stages humorous conversations, often involving the producer getting yelled at for playing the wrong song at the wrong time. He also includes similar music in his steam highlight videos, often focusing on artists that are small-time and not as well known. It's clear that music is a huge part of Doc and his streams and without it, the popular channel would just not be the same. - Here are the links to the YouTube and Spotify playlists for all of the music Dr DisRespect listens to on stream. x Youtube: Spotify: x