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Archive • Feb 13, 2018

Dr DisRespect Hasn't Quite Mastered Building in Fortnite

He might be the Two Time Consecutive Blockbuster Video Game Champ 1993-1994, but Dr DisRespect hasn’t quite got the hang of Fortnite battle Royale yet. In many ways, 2017 was the year of Dr DisRespect. His popularity on Twitch skyrocketed in as he built a massive fan base with his popular on-stream character and he won multiple awards for his work.

However, the year ended in just about the worst way possible when he took to Twitch to announce that he would be stepping away from the platform and all things DisRespect for a period of time after being unfaithful to his wife. Having taken the time away to begin fixing the damage that he had caused in his home life, the Doc returned to Twitch on February 5th and saw record breaking numbers in doing so. Best known for playing games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and H1Z1, the Doc has been trying out a new game since his return: Fortnite Battle Royale.

The massively popular title from Epic Games is yet another Battle Royale title that has risen to prominence in recent years, but with a twist. The building feature in Fortnite is what makes it most unique, but the mechanics of that building do not come naturally to everyone, as the Doc displayed in a recent stream.  

  Dr DisRespect is clearly beginning to understand the importance of building in the popular game, even for simple movements like getting down from a cliff quickly. Unfortunately, understanding the importance and implementing the changes aren’t always the same thing - as the Doc showed when he totally misjudged the building process and fell to his death. Of course, this is the Doc we are talking about so we’re sure he will be the best in the world within a week or two.