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Archive • Aug 02, 2017

Dr DisRespect Claims the FPS Genre is Dying

The streaming extraordinaire that is Dr DisRespect has come out and made some very bold claims about the future of first person shooters.

The popular character streams on his Twitch channel five times a week, and since returning in April 2016, has amassed an incredible following within his subscriber base, known as the Slick Daddy Club. Regularly pulling in 10,000 to 15,000 concurrent viewers each time he goes live, he's become an authority of his own playing games such as H1Z1, PUBG, CS:GO and Call of Duty. With the popularity of third person shooter games such as PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds, on the evening of Tuesday August 1st he came out and made the claim that the FPS genre is dying. It's unclear about whether the Doc is relating to esports, streaming or just gaming in general, but despite an extensive background in the video game industry, including working with Sledgehammer on the maps for Advanced Warfare, many believe his claim is a little far fetched. Another popular streamer, Hutch from the Old Men of OpTic, responded with questions regarding the claim, asking whether it was a gut feeling or data driven. x A real test for the FPS world will be when Call of Duty WWII is launched on November 3rd, taking the CoD community back to its roots with boots on the ground mechanice. Can it revive the fortunes of the FPS genre?