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Archive • Jan 12, 2018

Deadly Kansas 'Swatting' Suspect Charged With Manslaughter

The suspect in the deadly Call of Duty Kansas 'Swatting' incident has received numerous charges including manslaughter. Following the death of 28-year old Andrew Finch due to a 'Swatting' incident on December 28th between competitive Call of Duty players, 25-year old Tyler Barriss was taken into custody by Los Angeles police for making the false call to authorities. Barriss was given a fake address after two competitive CoD players got into an argument over an online 'Wager match,' where he would eventually call in a phony hostage situation, leading to a massive police response to the area. After being taken in by authorities, he was then extradited from California to Kansas in order to stand trial and has reportedly been charged with involuntary manslaughter, reporting a false alarm, and interference with a law enforcement officer. In the state of Kansas, involuntary manslaughter can lead up to 11 years in prison as the maximum sentence, not including the two other charges Barriss faces. As of writing, the length of his sentence is still unknown and will re-appear in court on January 25th. His bond is set at $500,000. More information on the charges can be found on the official Wichita Eagle website.  
Source: The Wichita Eagle | H/T: ESPN