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Dallas Fuel’s Star Player Threatens to Leave if Things Don’t Change

Dallas Fuel’s Hwang ‘Effect’ Hyeon has implied that he will leave the team if it doesn’t improve.

In a recent tweet, Dallas Fuel’s star DPS player expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, and stated explicitly that he would leave if things don’t change.

Effect has a reputation as a very hard worker, an enormously dedicated player willing to do whatever is necessary to win. That dedication has payed off on an individual level – for most, he’s long been the star player of Team Envy and later Dallas Fuel, and even as the Fuel struggle there are few that would deny Effect’s talents.

Unfortunately, Effect’s efforts haven’t been able to produce team results, with the Dallas Fuel continuing to struggle amid controversy and internal turmoil throughout the league. They currently sit in tenth place in the overall standings, a colossal fall from grace for a team that was pegged as almost a sure playoff contender prior to the league starting.

After two poor stages and a start to the third that has yet to be suggest a real turn-around in the squad, it seems Effect is beginning to get fed up with his team. In the wake of the announcement that head coach Kyle ‘KyKy’ Souder and Kim ‘Rascal’ Dong-jun had been released, he took to Twitter to issue what seems to be something of an ultimatum.

The tweet states that Effect is not going to trust blindly that things will get better, and that if the team doesn’t change then he will leave. He will also be staying off of social media in the meantime.

If Effect were to leave the Dallas Fuel, it would arguably be the heaviest blow to the team to date. With their current standing, the Fuel have no chances of reaching the season one playoffs, and so it seems they have less than two stages remaining in which to turn things around if they wish to keep their star player.

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