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Archive • Mar 12, 2018

Dallas Fuel's Custa Explains the Problem with xQc as a Team Mate

Dallas Fuel’s Scott ‘Custa’ Kennedy has commented on the release of Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel from the roster. On March 11th, it was announced that the Dallas Fuel had parted ways with xQc. The announcement came in the wake of xQc’s second Overwatch League suspension.

Dallas Fuel support player Custa was streaming at the time of the announcement, and was naturally questioned by fans on his opinion of the situation. From Custa’s point of view, the biggest problem with xQc for the team was the disruption his suspensions caused. With xQc having been suspended in both stages of the Overwatch League so far, the possibility of further suspensions down the line make for a very unstable situation when building around xQc. Having a player who could be suspended at any moment can throw the whole team into disarray. With xQc being a main tank, the problem is only exacerbated. Where the likes of the DPS players might be swapped in an out based on the heroes they’re most proficient at, the main tank is a player who helps to define the play style of the entire team, around whom all strategy must be built. As such, the danger of losing xQc at short notice is simply too great a risk, especially given that the Dallas Fuel are desparately trying to turn around an unsuccessful season so far. With the decision having now been made, the Dallas Fuel will look to find the stability they’ve so lacked in the Overwatch League. In terms of main tank options, the Fuel still has Christian ‘Cocco’ Jonsson, the original tank of the Envy team which became the Fuel, while Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen has also role swapped to main tank. By Stage 3, Dallas Fuel will also have yet another main tank to work with, having signed former Conbox player Son ‘OGE’ Min-seok. The release of xQc at this stage will also allow them to explore further roster options, having opened up another slot within the signing period, which closes on April 3rd.
Images: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment