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Dallas Fuel Release Head Coach and Star DPS Player from Their OWL Roster

After yet another disappointing start to a stage of the Overwatch League, Dallas Fuel have decided to remove their long serving coach, Kyle ‘KyKy’ Souder, and Korean DPS star, Kim ‘Rascal’ Dong-jun.

Owned by Team Envy, Dallas Fuel came into the inaugural season of the Overwatch with high hopes that their organization’s pedigree from 2016 and 2017 would shine through.

Instead, they have spent more time mired down with issues of player conduct, like the entire Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel saga, than winning matches – securing just five series wins in the first two stages of the season combined.

Stage 3 has started in similar fashion with Dallas Fuel currently holding a 1-3 record while their coach KyKy and their Korena DPS star, Rascal, have publicly taken shots at each other over communication issues and substitute decisions.

Rascal only joined the team in February after transferring from London Spitfire but it soon became apparent that he was struggling with in-game communication, having previously conversed in Korean for the Cloud9 owned team.

In the early hours of April 16th Dallas Fuel decided to rid themselves of both individuals in one fell swoop, citing Rascal’s refusal to communicate and KyKy’s inability to replicate “that championship level of success” that was expected of him.




Mike Rufail, the owner of Team Envy and Dallas Fuel, made it clear that they understand that many of the issues KyKy had to deal with during the first ever season of the OWL were out of his control but that they believed it was time to make a change.

He wasn’t as kind in his criticism of Rascal, noting a lack of commitment and “unwillinigness to communicate”.


“We had hoped that Rascal could add flexibility to our DPS lineup on the team this season. Unfortunately, his commitment to the team did not meet our expectations and his unwillingness to communicate with the team while playing in recent matches became a large distraction”.


Dallas Fuel’s assistant coach, Emanuel ‘Peak’ Uzoni, has been given the perhaps unenviable task of being the troubled team’s “Interim Head Coach”, effective immediately. A new Head Coach will be named “within the next week”.

The team have also secured the services of Meta Gaming’s Kang ‘Vol’Jin’ Min-Gyu, who will join the team as an assistant coach following the approval of his Visa.

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


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