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Archive • Jan 20, 2018

Dallas Fuel Announce Internal Extension to xQc's Overwatch League Suspension

The Dallas Fuel have suspended Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel from official competition for the remainder of Stage One of the Overwatch League. xQc recently found himself at the center of another controversy after he made some derogatory remarks about Houston Outlaws’ Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot.

In response to the comments, the Overwatch League have announced that xQc would receive a $2000 fine and a four-match suspension from official games. The Dallas Fuel themselves, however, are taking their own disciplinary action further, suspending xQc for the entirety of Stage One. Overall, it’s an additional three matches that xQc will not compete in, including the one against the London Spitfire that was kicking off as the announcement was made. The Dallas roster features several of the most popular Overwatch pros, xQc included, and have been clear in the past that they want their players to be able to express the personalities that have helped make them so prominent. However, the Fuel have also made it clear that their players must reflect the values of the organization. This punishment seems a reminder to both fans and xQc himself, who is not a first-time offender in terms of controversy, that there are consequences for not living up to the expectations of conduct. During xQc’s suspension, Dallas stated that they would offer support both in and out of game to help him improve as a competitor, professional, and team-mate. The full statement can be seen below:
We support the Overwatch League's recent decision to suspend Felix 'xQc' Lengyel. In addition to the league's four-game suspension, we will be suspending xQc for the remainder of Stage 1. We believe in working with out players to help them become the best possible competitors, professionals and teammates. That includes work both inside and outside of competition for Felix. During his suspension, we will be offering additional resources, focus coaching, physical training and support to Felix to help him improve as a professional player who is reflective of the principles of the Dallas Fuel organization, his teammates, and of the Overwatch League. No one wants to see Felix succeed more than we do. It is our hope that he can return to the team with the passion, competitiveness and focus that it takes to play in the Overwatch League.