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CWL Pro League Relegation Bracket Released by the CoD World League

The battle to survive Relegation for CWL Pro League Stage 2 is all set to be underway as the official bracket has been announced by the Call of Duty World League.

A field of eight teams will be reduced to four Stage 2 entrants in a knockout tournament to be played on April 19th in Seattle, WA, a day before the $200,000 CWL Seattle event kicks off.

The tournament features four teams that were in the CWL Pro League Stage One but finished in the bottom two spots of their respective Division. They will have to battle through Relegation to get back in the Pro League.

  •  Mindfreak – 7th in Division A – (Shockz, Denz, Fighta, Buzzo)
  •  Team Vitality – 8th in Division A – (MarkyB, Moose, Wailers, Malls)
  •  Evil Geniuses – 7th in Division B – (Aches, Apathy, SiLLY, Assault)
  •  Epsilon eSports – 8th in Division B – (Dqvee, Reedy, Hawqeh, Vortex)

There are also four challenger teams that have reached Relegation via their respective online regional qualifiers. There are two from the North American region, one from the European region, and one from the APAC region.

  •  EZG eSports – Top 2 NA Qualifier – (Envasion, LlamaGod, Naux, Parzelion)
  •  GGEA Orange – Top 2 NA Qualifier – (Nova, Believe, Mayhem, Spoof)
  •  OQ 6 – EU Qualifier Winner – (Enduraaa, Bidz, Cammy, Nevo)
  •  Tainted Minds – APAC Qualifier Winner – (Damage, Swifty, Nimble, Swiftaz0r)


The bracket features a double elimination format, meaning that teams will get a second chance if they lose a series.

The four teams that do make it out will not only qualify for the CWL Pro League Stage 2, but also secure a spot in Pool Play at CWL Seattle.



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