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Archive • Feb 12, 2018

CWL Pro League Players Look to Have Agreed to Ban Numerous Weapons in New Gentleman's Agreement

Following weeks of complaining about weapon balance in competitive play for Call of Duty: WWII, it looks like the pro players may have come to an agreement to ban a number of weapons. Weapons such as the FG 42, the M1 Garand and the Kar98K sniper rifle - as well as the duelist basic training - have come under fire so to speak, considered by many in the competitive community to be overpowered and not conducive to competitive play.

Since the most recent weapon update, which saw a buff to the FG 42, and a nerf to the Kar98K, the former has been used almost exclusively during the CWL Pro League. Due to the weapon's high damage and now increased rate of fire, it was powerful at almost any range and in any engagement, meaning it largely outclassed the sub-machine gun of choice - the PPSH - even in close quarters.

The M1 Garand, on the other hand, has been subject to a gentleman's agreement since it was first deemed to be too powerful - killing in two shots at almost any range - in the hands of a pro player. However, perhaps because of murmurs that some Pro League players who were unhappy with the FG 42 were considering protesting by using the M1 Garand (it is not officially restricted by the CWL rule set), it looks like an agreement has finally been reached. Chris "Parasite" Duarte of Complexity, a non-Pro League team, first tweeted hints that the agreement had been made. Update: Parasite has now deleted the following tweets; Following Parasite's Tweet's, other professional players, including Sam "Octane" Larew seemed to hint that an agreement had in fact been reached. However, none of this is for certain and so fans will have to wait until Pro League matches resume on Tuesday to see if the FG 42 and the other weapons are still in use. Also, there is no guarantee that this agreement will extend beyond Pro League teams, and so even if it were implemented in the official matches, amateur players and others not in the league may continue to use the weapons, irrespective of any gentleman's agreement. x