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Archive • Jan 12, 2018

CWL New Orleans Friday Stream Schedule - International Timings

The biggest event in Call of Duty history will kick off on Friday, January 12th as over 270 teams descend upon the CWL New Orleans. The $200,000 tournament will see the majority of the teams face the Open Bracket, but we'll also see the top 16 teams from Europe, North America, and APAC compete through pool play.

There's a lot on the line in Louisiana, with the CoD Pro Points on offer helping decide which teams from the three regions will qualify for Stage One of the CWL Pro League, due to begin at the end of January. All eyes will be on reigning champions Team Kaliber to see if they can do it again after their emphatic win at CWL Dallas, however, according to a document showing the stream schedule, they'll play their first game on Bravo station against Mindfreak.

The first match to kick off the weekend on the main stage will be Echo Fox vs eUnited, with OpTic taking on Epsilon on Bravo, Envy vs Vitality on Charlie feature station and last but not least Splyce taking on Ground Zero on Delta. We've put together a schedule below to show you what matches will be played and when, however as always this is subject to change. x CWL New Orleans Friday Stream Schedule
Team Team Stream CT PST GMT AEST
 Echo Fox  eUnited Main 2pm 12pm 8pm 6am
 OpTic  Epsilon Bravo 2pm 12pm 8pm 6am
 Envy  Vitality Charlie 2pm 12pm 8pm 6am
 Splyce  Ground Zero Delta 2pm 12pm 8pm 6am
 Rise  Enigma6 Main 3:30pm 1:30pm 9:30pm 7:30am
 tK  Mindfreak Bravo 3:30pm 1:30pm 9:30pm 7:30am
 LG  Red Reserve Charlie 3:30pm 1:30pm 9:30pm 7:30am
 FaZe  UNILAD Delta 3:30pm 1:30pm 9:30pm 7:30am
 Splyce  eUnited Main 5pm 3pm 11pm 9am
 OpTic  Vitality Bravo 5pm 3pm 11pm 9am
 Echo Fox  Ground Zero Charlie 5pm 3pm 11pm 9am
 Envy  Epsilon Delta 5pm 3pm 11pm 9am
 LG  Rise Main 6:30pm 4:30pm 12:30am 10:30am
 tK  UNILAD Bravo 6:30pm 4:30pm 12:30am 10:30am
 Mindfreak FaZe Charlie 6:30pm 4:30pm 12:30am 10:30am
 E6  Red Reserve Delta 6:30pm 4:30pm 12:30am 10:30am
 OpTic  Envy Main 8pm 6pm 2am 12pm
 Splyce  Echo Fox Bravo 8pm 6pm 2am 12pm
 eUnited  Ground Zero Charlie 8pm 6pm 2am 12pm
 Epsilon  Vitality Delta 8pm 6pm 2am 12pm
 tK  FaZe Main 9:30pm 7:30pm 3:30am 1:30am
Red Reserve  Rise Bravo 9:30pm 7:30pm 3:30am 1:30am
 E6  LG Charlie 9:30pm 7:30pm 3:30am 1:30am
 UNILAD  Mindfreak Delta 9:30pm 7:30pm 3:30am 1:30am
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