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Luminosity Win CWL Anaheim | Final Placements

The last CoD World League open tournament of the year is taking place across June 16th-18th at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

CWL Anaheim is started off with 97 amateur teams and 16 pro teams competed at CWL Anaheim, making it one of the biggest Call of Duty events of the season.

Although there is $200,000 up for grabs and barrels of Pro Points, the pride of winning one of the most iconic tournaments of the year outweighs everything else.

Placement Team Pro Points Prize Money
1st USA Luminosity 25,000 $80,000
2nd uk flag Splyce 15,000 $48,000
3rd uk flag Epsilon Esports 11,000 $32,000
4th USA Cloud9 9,000 $16,000
5th/6th USA Evil Geniuses 8,000 $8,000
5th/6th USA Enigma6 8,000 $8,000
7th/8th USA OpTic Gaming 7,000 $4,000
7th/8th uk flag Red Reserve 7,000 $4,000
9th-12th USA eUnited 5,500
9th-12th USA BitterSweet 5,500
9th-12th USA Team Kaliber 5,500
9th-12th USA Rise Nation 5,500
13th-16th USA FaZe Clan 4,500
13th-16th uk flag Elevate 4,500
13th-16th uk flag Fnatic 4,500
13th-16th USA FURY Gaming 4,500
17th-20th USA Allegiance 3,000
17th-20th australia Mindfreak 3,000
17th-20th USA Rogue 3,000
17th-20th USA Str8 Rippin 3,000
21st-24th USA Team EnVyUs 2,750
21st-24th uk flag Vitality 2,750
21st-24th USA eRa Eternity 2,750
21st-24th USA Lethal 2,750
25th-28th USA Flare 2,250
25th-28th USA Ghost 2,250
25th-28th USA Oxygen Black 2,250
25th-28th USA Pnda 2,250
29th-32nd brazil Gorilla Core 1,800
29th-32nd USA Echo Fox 1,800
29th-32nd uk flag Millenium 1,800
29th-32nd Europe MRN 1,800
33rd-40th USA Lethal 1,600
33rd-40th spain Giants 1,600
33rd-40th france Supremacy 1,600
33rd-40th USA eRa Eternity 1,600
33rd-40th USA Eros 1,600
33rd-40th USA Fallen Godz 1,600
33rd-40th USA Havok 1,600
33rd-40th USA Final Feature 1,600
41st-48th USA Illicit 1,400
41st-48th USA Denial 1,400
41st-48th USA Impact 1,400
41st-48th australia Tainted Minds 1,400
41st-48th USA Saints and Angels 1,400
41st-48th USA Wild 1,400
41st-48th USA Apotheon 1,400
41st-48th uk flag CyberStorm 1,400
49th-64th USA TakeDown 1,000
49th-64th USA Precision 1,000
49th-64th USA 3Kingz 1,000
49th-64th USA Amity 1,000
49th-64th USA WasteLand 1,000
49th-64th USA Pressure 1,000
49th-64th USA Oxygen Blue 1,000
49th-64th USA Projekt Evil 1,000
49th-64th USA Neutronic 1,000
49th-64th USA Lethal Divide 1,000
49th-64th USA RampageCoD 1,000
49th-64th USA FableGG 1,000
49th-64th USA Hydra 1,000
49th-64th USA Twisted Method 1,000
49th-64th USA Relic 1,000
49th-64th USA Breach 1,000
65th-80th USA Tzar
65th-80th USA Bizarr
65th-80th USA Lillie
65th-80th USA Criminal Minds
65th-80th USA Hite
65th-80th USA Brainless
65th-80th USA Go Big ENT
65th-80th USA Gone
65th-80th USA Aspire
65th-80th USA UpSurge
65th-80th USA ReplenishHQ
65th-80th USA Cryptic Void
65th-80th USA OneChip
65th-80th USA Olympus
65th-80th USA Hazard
65th-80th USA Doze
81st-112th USA Project-Gaming
81st-112th USA Secret
81st-112th USA Tzar Black
81st-112th USA Fatal
81st-112th USA Approx
81st-112th USA Risk
81st-112th USA Cerberus
81st-112th USA Mytic Extra
81st-112th USA Velocity
81st-112th USA Undesirables
81st-112th USA Sam Sotup
81st-112th USA Critical Mass
81st-112th USA Lazy Lag Gaming
81st-112th USA BossFight
81st-112th USA Cutting Edge
81st-112th USA Lana
81st-112th USA Slayuh
81st-112th USA X-HITE
81st-112th USA Impious
81st-112th USA Infinity
81st-112th USA Make a Killing
81st-112th USA Eminent GG
81st-112th USA Eko
81st-112th USA Buzzkill HQ
81st-112th USA M3RX
81st-112th USA OTF
81st-112th USA Variance
81st-112th USA Versatile
81st-112th USA Figure8
81st-112th USA Frost Gaming
81st-112th USA Vicerant
81st-112th USA Occult
113th USA No Gun Skill

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