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Archive • Apr 22, 2016

CSGO Update Removes Inferno For Nuke


Last night an update came out for CSGO that will see former competitive map Nuke being added in for current map Inferno. The map rotation had been expected for sometime after a new version of Nuke was released, however not everyone is happy. The map has known design issues and due to being so graphically intense, requires a top level computer to run effectively. It has been announced by a number of top leagues that they will be including Nuke into their competitive pool play with the removal of Inferno which is expected to be polished up and tweaked over the coming months by the developers. Check out the full patch details below -
  • Adjusted Spectator Graphs: Replaced HSP and economy stats with Enemies Flashed and Utility Damage.
  • Added main menu UI to register for a new beta.
  • Tulip:
    • Various bug and exploit fixes
  • Mirage:
    • Vandalism
  • Moved Nuke to the Active Duty map group.
  • Moved Inferno to the Reserves map group.
  • Updated a Wildfire mission (YOINK!) for the bonus condition to use Santorini instead of Nuke.
  • demoinfogo tool code is now available on GitHub and no longer ships as part of SDK.
  •, patches welcome.
  • demoinfogo includes a GitHub fix for PlayerInfo being retrieved with wrong Entity if players reconnect during the match demo (Thanks rchh!).
  • Changed default value for cvar sv_quota_stringcmdspersecond=16 to make community servers that don’t actively configure this setting run with a more conservative command rate limit.

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