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Archive • Sep 13, 2017

CS:GO Update to Bring Major Weapon and Armor Changes

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will receive an update to two of the most used pistols in the game, and the effects of having no armor could soon be reduced. Counter-Strike is a competitive first person shooter with a huge player base and a vibrant professional scene. Many of the game's features have remained the same for years, but even in this well established esport, many players have felt some aspects needed to be balanced. One such aspect is the pistols. The weapons are aimed to be used in the initial round of each half, and then later as secondary weapons or as a last resort choice when players run low on money. The issue was their effectiveness. Pistols could be used while moving, they had good accuracy, some did very high damage, and most importantly, they were extremely affordable. Valve, the developer of CS:GO, recognized that they needed to be reworked and began slowly implementing changes to the weapons. The company began altering pistols to make each one more situational. One pistol for example, the Five-7, had its running accuracy decreased to encourage Counter-Terrorists to play defensively when using it.

Now Valve has turned its attention to the Terrorist's default pistol, the Glock-18, and a cheap pistol called the P250. The Glock was the only pistol that players felt was underwhelming and needed a damage boost. Valve appears to have heard this complaint and has increased the base damage of the Glock, but reduced its ranged capabilities. The aim is to make the Glock favorable in close range combat, so closing the distance will be a priority for a Terrorist pistol round. The P250 was considered over powered. The weapon was powerful, was one of the cheapest weapons in the game, and had the ability to kill an opponent with a single shot. One of the issues with this was its comparison with rifles. Both CT rifles, the M4A4 and the M4A1-S, can not kill a player with one shot. This meant a $300 weapon could be more effective than a $3100 weapon. Valve has now addressed this problem by increasing the base and ranged damage of the weapon, but reducing its armor penetration. This creates a pistol that is very effective against unarmored opponents, but is unable to kill an armored enemy with a single shot.

The last major change to be implemented brings reduced aimpunch for unarmored players. Aimpunch causes your crosshair to rise when you are shot by an enemy player. A player without armor suffers extremely bad aimpunch, and this makes it much harder to win an encounter. In the future update, aimpunch will be dramatically reduced. The players crosshair used to be forced up into the sky, now it will be more controllable and only be forced slightly upwards, but will still give armored players a distinct advantage. The update is currently in the CS:GO Beta depot where players can test it and Valve can make last minute changes before it is rolled out to the main CS:GO community. Many discussions have begun on the Reddit forums about the new update and how it will effect the game and the response seems to be generally positive. x Reddit user BrianLaserbeam tested the new aimpunch and reported how it felt:
It definitely is still hard to hit targets, but at least you can compensate for aimpunch now because it seems more consistent. Before your screen would pretty much explode when you got shot, but this you can actually kinda compensate for it i guess.
Rheloc believes the new changes will dramatically alter the way the game is played:
I just tried it, it is significantly reduced. I can see this having a huge effect on the 'force/eco buy' meta.
Milos_3 welcomed the new update:
I always felt the glock was underrated previously. I'm excited for those changes. P250 seems better balanced as it costs the same as a smoke.


Pre-Release Notes for 12/9/2017: CS:GO Beta

  • Significantly reduced unarmored aimpunch.
  • Additional changes to pistols with the goal of emphasizing skillful use of the weapons.
  • Slight adjustments favoring accurate players who close the distance to their opponent.
  • Increased base damage
  • Reduced damage at longer distances
  • Slightly improved accuracy while firing rapidly
  • Slightly improved accuracy while moving
  • The P250 has been adjusted to reward longer-distance engagements, particularly against unarmored opponents.
  • Increased base damage
  • Reduced armor penetration
  • Improved damage at longer distances
  • Reduced accuracy while moving
Image credit: Valve

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