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Archive • Nov 23, 2017

CS:GO Team with Average Age of 71 Sets Sights on DreamHack Winter

A new CS:GO team with an average age of 71 named Silver Snipers is eyeing up competition at DreamHack Winter 2017 - and they mean business. The team is coached by one of Counter-Strike's most successful players, Tommy 'Potti' Ingemarsson, who dominated the scene as a part of NiP and SK Gaming in the early 2000s. No member of the team has more than 79 hours played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but they aim to compete in exhibition matches at DreamHack Winter which will run from December 1st 2017. The youngest member of the team Monica 'Teen Slayer' Idenfors (yes, you read that correctly) is 62 years of age and currently has 69 hours played - the most in the team. Bertil 'Berra-Bang' Englund is 81 years and has a total of 55 hours played with a K/D ratio of 0.55 which is the best on the roster. Sponsored by Lenovo and Intel, the aim of the team is to show that gaming is for the elderly as well as the younger generation. The team's website says:  
"For the first time in history a senior CS-team will compete against the premier eSports elite. Gaming is for the elderly and Silver Snipers are on a mission to prove it at Dreamhack 2017. See you there if you dare!"
  Potti will be using his experience and expertise to try and get the elderly team into the best shape possible with DreamHack just around the corner. People attending DreamHack Winter can even challenge the team for a chance to play them in one of the exhibition matches. The Lenovo Sweden Instagram account has shared a number of videos about the Silver Snipers but they are all in Swedish.    
  We wish the Swedish Snipers the best of luck at their first LAN event and hope that they decide to continue competing. The full roster is as follows:
  •  Bertil 'Berra-Bang' Englund
  •  Monica 'Teen Slayer' Idenfors
  •  Abbe 'BirDie' Drakborg
  •  Wanja 'Knitting Knight' Godange
  •  Oivind 'Windy' Toverud