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Archive • Jul 17, 2017

CS:GO Players Agree Jumping Crouch Glitch Gentleman's Agreement at PGL Major

The Call of Duty community aren't the only ones who've suffered from an in-game glitch allowing players to see but not be seen. German CS:GO team BIG have had the fingers pointed at them for abusing an in-game mechanic that has only came to light during the EU Minor tournament in June 2017.

If a player jumps in the air behind a wall, and whilst jumping crouches mid-air, they're able to peek over the top of the object, but won't be seen from the other end. The Call of Duty esports community recently struggled with the same problem when 'snaking' was identified and eventually patched on Infinite Warfare. After the German squad of BIG upset the mixed European's of FaZe Clan on day one of the PGL Krakow Major, fans noticed that the glitch had been done throughout the match, creating this comedy video. x The FaZe team naturally feel a little hard done by and as a result have made a gentleman's agreement with their next opponent, mousesports, that they won't abuse the feature. It was announced on Twitter ahead of the group stage game on Monday July 17th by captain Finn 'Karrigan' Anderson. x When asked to clarify what that meant by commentator James Bardolph because it's a relatively grey area, fellow FaZe player Fabien 'Kioshima' Fiey explained. x Since the announcement, a number of other teams have also confirmed they'll be avoiding the bug. x The PGL Krakow Major is taking place between Sunday July 16th and Sunday July 23rd with sixteen elite teams competing for the $1 million prize pool and title of world champions. Teams will compete through a Swiss format group stage, which matches teams up based upon their tournament record, requiring three wins to advance to the championship bracket and three losses resulting in elimination. The eight advancing teams will gain Legend status, securing their spot at the next Major. They'll then play a single elimination bracket to determine the winner.


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