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Archive • Oct 10, 2017

CS:GO Developer Valve Releases a Teaser of the New Reworked Dust2

One of the most iconic maps in the first person shooter genre has been getting a facelift by the developers of CS:GO, and have finally teased their progress. Dust2 is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bomb defusal map that is well known throughout all fans of first-person shooting games. The map was known for its balance and optimal layout that allowed many different styles of play, as well as many different tactics and executes towards each of the map's bombsites. The famous map had been a mainstay in the game since its release and has seen many smaller updates throughout the game's lifespan as it was tweaked and improved. Sadly, the visuals began to look dated and out of place when compared to some of the new or refreshed maps.

In February of 2017, developers Valve removed the map from active service as part of their continued effort to graphically update all of the competitive map pool, replacing it with the updated. Inferno. The beloved map remained playable in casual and competitive matches, but it was no longer available for tournaments, and it has been missed by professional players and followers of the professional scene alike. Throughout 2017, many have wondered when the new Dust2 would be released, and what changes would be made to the map. Their wait may be finally coming to an end, as Valve has teased a screenshot of the new map on Monday October 9th, via their Twitter account.

The image appears to show an area near the remade Terrorist spawn, but this has not been confirmed. In their tweet, the CS:GO developers stated that an updated and refined version of the iconic map would be coming soon, as they plan to add it to the games beta depot for testing. x x No official release date has been given for the next update, so how long we must continue waiting for the remake remains to be seen. x

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