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Archive • Dec 05, 2017

CS:GO Analyst Spunj Has Some Harsh Words for Those Who Complain About YouTube Streaming

Chad ‘SPUNJ’ Burchill had some strong words for people complaining about the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals being streamed on YouTube. The EPL Finals began in Odense, Denmark, on December 5th with $750,000 on the line for the 12 teams in attendance. ESL and YouTube came to an agreement prior to Season 5 for all the ESL Pro League English broadcasts to be streamed exclusively on YouTube. In previous seasons the league organizer had used the immensely popular Twitch as their streaming platform of choice. ESL claimed that Season 5 was their most viewed season to date, and remained with YouTube heading into Season 6. However, some fans have been very vocal about their dislike of YouTube’s streaming services, preferring the tried and tested Others have complained that the move to YouTube has caused a decline in viewership - saying that the average esports fan is likely to take a quick look at Twitch to see if anything worth watching is on, and not thinking to check YouTube. Even some professional players, like Heroic’s Marco ‘Snappi’ Pfeiffer, have echoed some of these concerns. However, SPUNJ took to Twitter before the Pro League Finals started to share his opinion about the people making these complaints.     The Australian is a former professional player but has transitioned into an analyst role and has quickly become one of the popular members of CS:GO’s broadcasting talent. While his comment doesn’t address the concerns that people are voicing about non-endemic CS:GO viewers, it sends a clear message to those threatening to not watch the EPL Finals due to their dislike of YouTube. As always, good Counter-Strike is what matters most to the 28 year old and he doesn’t want anybody to miss what promises to be a top quality tournament. -