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Archive • Aug 12, 2017

Crowd Members Shouting for Players to Check the Bomb Should be Ejected

Once again, someone in the crowd has taken it upon themselves to attempt to make an unfair impact on a live event Call of Duty match — this time at the 2017 Call of Duty Championship. During Splyce and Epsilon's epic battle for Britain showdown, the individual shouted when Hawqeh began defusing the bomb on the fourth round of Search and Destroy Breakout, possibly prompting MadCat to check and successfully put his team on the score card with their first round. It's happened many times before. There's no doubting the electricity that  fans bring to venues but their fervour has also been a source of mischief for a selfish few. Passion is no excuse for unwanted third-party effects on the careers of professional CoD players and integrity of the esport. Sound proof booths are a potential fix but it's been argued that they create a disconnect from fans and players, especially during team celebrations. They also don't prevent people from making hand gestures to achieve the same result. And anyway, the element of mind games that an open stage floor plan creates adds theatrics as players taunt and celebrate while their rivals look on. The solution is simple. Fans should be expected to adhere to a set of attendee guidelines that prevent a very small minority from spoiling the party for everyone else. Fail to do so and the penalty should be their removal from the venue. Time limits are up for debate, but the fact is that their actions have an irremovable consequence on the match. It would be unfair on the teams — including the one that benefits — to try to, given that it's impossible to know whether they would have made the right in-game decision regardless. It has to stop now. Waiting for it to happen in a grand final on a crucial round should not be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

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