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Archive • Feb 12, 2018

Courage's Dad Tweets Only for the Second Time to Roast His Son

The popular caster is reminded by his father that iconic memes never die.  Jack "Courage" Dunlop is many things. He is a successful caster for professional Call of Duty, a popular personality on Twitch, and a prominent figure among the inner circle of professional eSports. He is also the prey of the legendary "0-15" meme. Courage may have been under the impression that after months of jokes and parodies, the meme was finally starting to fade away. It was then when his father, Gary Dunlop, took to Twitter for only the second time since joining, to remind his son of his utter disappointment. x The tweet was met with a thunderous reception on Twitter as many made sure to congratulate Mr. Dunlop on successfully trolling his son. Even Courage found humor in the fact that his father used only his second tweet ever to bring up what has haunted Courage for years. The "0-15" meme came into existence during a wager match on Call of Duty Black Ops III. Courage, playing with friends, had zero kills over the span of two maps, while accumulating 15 deaths in the process. The meme would go on to become a phenomenon among the gaming community, with the likes of MLG tweeting about it and Courage even turning it into a successful clothing line. This latest tweet just shows that whether it's embarrassing baby pictures or childhood stories, parents are the best at humiliating their children.