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Archive • Sep 12, 2017

CouRage Gets Cheeky After Planting the Bomb in Hitch's CoD Ghosts BOT Tournament

Major League Gaming commentator Jack ' CouRage' Dunlop has a cheeky conversation with teammates after planting the bomb on Freight Search and Destroy. Although his main profession is casting professional Call of Duty tournaments, CouRage can typically be found playing online tournaments and wager matches with various members of the community. He has also become an avid streamer on Twitch along with uploading highlights and other videos to his YouTube channel, allowing him to amass a solid fan base which he refers to as the 'CouRageous.' In collaboration with UMG, Davis 'Hitch' Edwards, producer, and videographer for fan favorite organization OpTic Gaming held a 4v4 BOT SnD Tournament on CoD Ghosts, which is when a team of three players has a veteran BOT as their 4th, leading to a wide range of possible situations. While in a round 10, 1v1 on Freight SnD, CouRage displayed his confidence by completely ignoring the possibility of the enemy defusing the bomb, getting in a leisurely conversation with his teammates. x Following the risky play, his team went on to win the series, however, they were taken out in the next round of bracket play. x

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