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Archive • Nov 02, 2017

More Countries Added to CWL National Circuit, Including Brazil

The announcement of the CoD World League's plans for WWII included the reveal of the CWL National Circuits. Based on feedback that players below the Pro League had little to play for, Activision and MLG set about creating a solution. The CWL National Circuit was unveiled as an online league for the top eight teams across eight separate regions, with teams qualifying via Pro Points. It provides an opportunity to compete with the added bonus of both prize money and a trip to a large open event for the winners.

Just over a week after that announcement, an update on the countries involved has been released, including a brand new expansion to Brazil. Five nations have been added to the existing National Circuit, competing in the same Circuit alongside select previously announced countries. Existing Region Expansion
  • USA National Circuit (no changes)
  • Canada National Circuit (no changes)
  • Italy National Circuit (no changes)
  • UK National Circuit (will now include Ireland)
  • France National Circuit (will now include Belgium)
  • Germany National Circuit (will now include Netherlands)
  • Spain National Circuit (will now include Portugal)
  • Australia National Circuit (will now include New Zealand)
  • Stage 1: January 26 – February 16
  • Stage 2: March 16 – April 13
  • Stage 3: May 11 – June 1
  • Stage 4: June 22 – July 13
Kevin Flynn, Director of Call of Duty Esports gave this statement on the expansion.
“It was great to see how popular the CWL National Circuit was when we revealed the 2018 Call of Duty World League season. The passion and desire from players outside the CWL National Circuit was clear so we wanted to find a way to expand the scale in response to community feedback. We’re thrilled to add Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Portugal to our plans. This is a great chance for us to see how we can continue to grow the CWL in new countries in years to come.”
x Read More: x The Brazilian Call of Duty scene is one that has grown significantly over the years, but has predominately relied on independent tournaments after last featuring at the 2015 World Championships on Advanced Warfare. This lack of support resulted in one team, now under Gorilla Core, traveling to the United States in order to compete, although they failed to make any kind of meaningful impact. Things are looking up however as Activision has now announced a new Brazilian Pro Points ladder, a couple of CWL 2K tournaments and one stage of the CWL National Circuit, taking place in March.
  • One (1) CWL National Circuit stage for the region (Mar. 16 to Apr. 13)
  • Brazil will receive two (2) CWL 2K Tournaments for the region to determine CWL National Circuit seeding (Feb. 10 and Feb. 24)
  • Winning team of the CWL National Circuit – Brazil stage will receive travel, accommodations to the Last Chance Qualifier where they will compete for a placement in the Top 32 of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships
  • + Cash Prize
  Kevin Flynn explained the decision behind the move:
“We noticed an overwhelming number of requests for Brazil to be included in our plans for the 2018 Call of Duty World League season. We know how passionate the Brazilian community is about esports and we wanted to provide a chance for those players to participate and for the scene to grow. Our strategy for Brazil is going to be a great test for how we can continue to grow the CWL in the future."
Finally, it has been confirmed for all regions that rosters must have at least 2 players from the country or countries listed for that Circuit. Any players not from those countries must still be from that region (Europe, North America, APAC, Brazil).   Watch: New changes to CWL National Circuit in 75 Seconds: x

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