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Concern Raised for Streamer STPeach After Emotionally Turning Off Stream

The pressures of streaming on websites such as Twitch and YouTube as a full-time career can often come with its own unique set of challenges.

Since the beginning of people streaming their life full time, the mental capacity required to be in front of the camera and act a certain way for hours at a time can often be overwhelming.

We’ve seen streamers do all kinds of crazy things because of this pressure, including the ruining of a few careers when the wrong thing has been said or something happens during the stream that no apology can fix.

STPeach is a popular streamer on Twitch who spends her days broadcasting a mixture of gaming and IRL (In Real Life) content to an ever-growing audience.

The American personality is often the target for online trolls due to some of her more provocative content and has been subject to racist comments in the past after revealing she was dating someone of Asian descent.

A video of STPeach has done the rounds across the internet on Sunday, April 15th, with concerns raised after sharply ending her stream for what appeared to be no reason.


Whilst eating a snack on her stream, she begins to well up and advise her viewers that she can’t stream anymore. Earlier in her stream, she had discussed feeling anxious and light headed.

“Yeah, I’m just going to get off. I’m sorry, I’m so fucked.”


For those watching this that can identify with the thoughts and feelings of being depressed, anxious and under intense pressure, please talk to someone, whether it be teammate, friend or family. For more information visit www.Samaritans.org.


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