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Jason Lake on coL CS:GO Changes “We’re all sick and tired of being a poor team”

compLexity has announced that Michael “Uber” Stapells has been released from their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive unit.

Uber and compLexity are a dismal 15-16 in maps this year and are 1-9 in the North American Division of the ESL Pro League good for 9th place. Jason Lake, owner of compLexity, has seen the ups and downs of his compLexity squad and believed it was time for a change.

“It’s no secret our legendary Counter-Strike division has struggled for the past year or so.  We’ve tried multiple combinations of players but haven’t found much success.  Michael is a great person and a hard worker but the chemistry just wasn’t there right now.  We wish him the very best in the future.  We’re going to be trying out different players and working hard to improve.  Frankly, we’re all sick and tired of being a poor team and we won’t stop making adjustments until we have a competitive squad that’s worth cheering for.  It’s a humbling time for everyone who loves coL.cs but that doesn’t mean we’re going to whimper like little cowards and crawl into a hole.”

In fact, Lake wants to get back to the place where compLexity was revered and regarded as a fearsome force in all of Counter-Strike.

“We won’t stop until we figure it out.”

Upon being released, Uber took to twitter to share the news.


In his Twitlonger post, Uber briefly describes the situation with the team as one that has , “…had problems for a few months now which gradually over time gotten worse and took a big toll on our play.”

compLexity will be trying out new players over the next few weeks.

Current complexity CS:GO Roster:

  • uk flag Rory “dephh” Jackson
  • USA Derek “desi” Branchen
  • canada Bradley “android-x23” Fodor
  • uk flag Kia “Surreal” Man

USA Matt “Warden” Dickens (coach)


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