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Commentator Machine Gets a Brazilian Wax for Charity

The footage of Alex ‘Machine’ Richardson getting Brazilian has finally reached the internet.

After the community raised £22,000 during a CS:GO event in November 2016, due to hitting the stretch target, the popular British host and commentator was sent to get his private area stripped of hair.

It was the job of colleague Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer to film the process as Machine turned from his regular color to bright red over the course of the waxing treatment.

Consistently reminding himself that it was for a good cause, he had a total of 18 wax strips used in order to finish the job. He declined to get his crack done, despite the beauty therapist suggesting he should.

If you’re concerned about the video being NSFW, not to worry, anything that shouldn’t be seen has been blurred out.


Other challenges completed during the CS Global Offensive against cancer included Chad ‘Spunj’ Burchill getting his legs waxed, Machine having his nails painted pink, Jason ‘Moses’ O’Toole receiving a cream pie to the face, Janko ‘YNK’ Paunovic getting a mohawk and finally HenryG and Matthew ‘Sadokist’ Trivett kissing live on air.

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