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Archive • Nov 06, 2017

The CoD WWII Race Stream Raised An Incredible Amount for Charity

The annual Activision backed stream known as The Race raised an impressive $250,000 after streaming for four straight days. The highly anticipated launch of Sledgehammer's Call of Duty WWII title has created a real buzz across both the casual and competitive community, with a return to boots on the ground mechanics. In order to capitalize on the frenzy surrounding the new title, Activision recruits a group of popular content creators each year to help raise money for their charity, the Call of Duty Endowment Fund, who then stream the new game continuously around the clock for four days.

For the launch of Infinite Warfare in 2016 we saw the OpTic Gaming crew stream from their house in the Chicago suburbs, but for WWII, it was hosted at the Sledgehammer studios just outside of San Francisco with a familiar group of YouTubers. TmarTn, GoldGloveTV, iiJeriichoii, Hutch, and VernNotice all took part in the charity stream and in the process raised an impressive $125,000 from on stream donations, which was in turn doubled by Activision to make $250,000. Jericho left this message from the team at the Sledgehammer HQ on the CoD Endowment Fund Twitter.
"THAT’S A WRAP! Thank you to everyone who donated during #TheRace. With your help, we raised over $250K to help veterans find great jobs!"
x The Call of Duty Endowment Fund is a not for profit organization, owned and operated by Activision. The publisher covers all of the overheads, which results in all donations and proceedings going directly to finding veteran soldiers work. Originally setup in 2009 by Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard, it is co-chaired by General James L. Jones, former NATO Commander and National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama and is led by Dan Goldenberg, a veteran and captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve. After successfully smashing their target of 25,000 veterans in jobs by 2018, the goal was revised to place 50,000 vets into high-quality jobs by the end of 2019.