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Archive • May 30, 2016

Cloud9 Win Agents Rising Overwatch LAN


Cloud9 defeated Team Liquid in the final of Agents Rising to win the first North American Overwatch LAN since the game's release. Entering the tournament as favourites, the victory marks yet another feather in the cap of a team that has established itself as the best in North America and arguably the world, taking numerous online tournaments and now solidifying their position with a LAN title. The Team Liquid squad, featuring somewhat infamous ex-iBP CS:GO player AZK, put up a good fight in the final, but ultimately fell short of defeating Cloud9. DPS player Surefour picked up the MVP trophy, and with it an individual prize of $1000. It was a successful weekend for competitive Overwatch, as both Agents Rising and the European TakeOver event showcased some exciting high level matches, with the Agents Rising final reaching a peak viewer-ship of just over 45k on Twitch.

Agents Rising Final Placements

1st - usa Cloud9 - $5000 2nd - usa Team Liquid - $3500 3rd - usa Gale Force Esports - $1500 4th - usa Clutch 5th/6th - usa Still Here 5th/6th - usa Team Eggplant 7th/8th - usa GamerSensei 7th/8th - usa Winky Face 9th-12th - usa Arise 9th-12th - usa Phantom 9th-12th - usa Veritas 9th-12th - usa Vigilante Season 13th-16th - usa 13th-16th - usa WE ARE THE FLAMING DRAGONS 13th-16th - usa Conor McGregor 13th-16th - usa  Optimal Method Gaming  


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