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Cloud9 Owner Hits Out at Sir Scoots Over Protest Letter

The drama has started surrounding the open letter written by 25 CS:GO players on the subject of exclusivity.

Created and uploaded by well known analyst and community figure, Scott ‘SirScoots’ Smith, the letter was published on behalf of 5 of the 7 teams involved with the controversial PEA deal. It stated that the deal could harm their own personal brands and that no discussion was made regarding being unable to play in the ESL Pro League.

A short response has now been made by Cloud9 owner, Jack Etienne, in reply to a post made on the Cloud9 Reddit that reminded the owner that the players have to come first.

jack cloud9 response

The comment was highlighted and responded to by SirScoots, who made his position very clear on the situation.



The situation continues, however it’s unlikely this will be the last we’ve heard of this situation with an official PEA response expected imminently.

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