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Cloud9 Overcome Struggles to Advance to Championship Winner Bracket

The troubles of the Cloud9 Call of Duty squad appear to be over as they advance through to the championship winner bracket with a record of three wins and one loss.

Coming into CWL Dallas, Patrick ‘Aches’ Price and his team were struggling with off a double disappointment after winning only one series at CWL Atlanta and CWL Paris.


Placed in a group alongside Millenium, eUnited, Mindfreak and Team Kaliber, there was no room for error if they wanted to advance through to the championship winner bracket and secure a spot in the CWL Global Pro League.

A tense first game against the Australian squad of Mindfreak was only narrowly won in round 11 on the last map. Despite it being close, after speaking to Aches after the game, he admitted that it had inspired the squad because it showed they could still win when it mattered.

Although that confidence appeared to be short lived when they lost 3-1 to CWL Atlanta champion s, eUnited, they bounced back with 3-0 wins over Millenium and Team Kaliber, securing second place in their group.

Cloud9 will now head in to championship winner bracket in either first or second, depending on whether Team Kaliber are able to defeat Mindfreak and Millenium.

Regardless of the result, they’re all but guaranteed a place in the Pro League and in the process proved that working on issues is more beneficial that looking for new players.

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