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Archive • Jan 13, 2018

Clayster Pulls Out Secret Weapon Against Splyce During CWL New Orleans Pool Play

James 'Clayster' Eubanks of eUnited pulled out a secret weapon against Splyce during Pool Play at the CWL New Orleans Open. With the release of a new Call of Duty title every fall, players and teams from around the competitive scene typically develop a sturdy 'meta' of weapons, items, and tactics that are widely used throughout the scene. Although the meta may include only a small collection of items, some players will take the opportunity to try something new every once and a while, which can potentially throw off the competition. Since the launch of CoD: WWII in early November, a number of developer updates by Sledgehammer have caused competitors to branch out to other weapons within the title, such as when the FG42 assault rifle received a substantial nerf. While the Machine Pistol has typically been the sidearm of choice for competitive players thus far, Clayster, a veteran of the competitive scene, decided to use the akimbo Luger pistols in a match against Splyce during CWL New Orleans Pool Play, much to the surprise of the casters.   When asked about his decision to use the weapons in an interview with DBLTAP, Clayster mentioned that he has only tried the strategy during Ranked Play matches, as opposed to using them against professional teams during practice.

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