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Archive • Nov 13, 2017

Clayster Reveals That FaZe Asked Him to Rejoin

James 'Clayster' Eubanks claims that FaZe asked him to return to their professional Call of Duty team but he turned them down. The 2015 Call of Duty World Champion is one of the most decorated and successful players in the franchise's history. After joining FaZe in June of 2015 the assault rifle player helped the team to a number of big LAN championships on Advanced Warfare - often defeating the otherwise dominant OpTic Gaming in the process. The Black Ops 3 season was not quite as successful for the team, though, with them settling more into the role of a top 8 team than a true title challenger. Infinite Warfare was slightly better with a number of 3rd place finishes but still not close to what was expected of the roster. A 13-16th finish at the CWL Anaheim Open was the final nail in the coffin and in June 2017 Clayster was traded to eUnited for Peirce 'Gunless' Hillman. The veteran closed out the Infinite Warfare season with a 3rd place at the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 finals and a 5th-6th at the Call of Duty World Championship - outplacing FaZe at the Stage 2 Finals and finishing in the same position at the World Championships. With Call of Duty returning to classic boots on the ground movement, Clayster is one of the legendary players that the community expects to see great things from. In a recent stream Clayster revealed that FaZe Clan seemingly agreed with this sentiment, as they asked him to rejoin the team.   However, Clayster seems to be perfectly happy with his position on eUnited as he reveals that he turned FaZe down. Both FaZe and eUnited will get their first chance to show what they are made of on the newest COD title, WWII, during the first CWL 2K Tournament of the year. The pro points up for grabs are extremely important so both teams will be bringing their A game despite the competition being online. -

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