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Archive • Oct 26, 2017

Chinese LoL Pro Vasilii Beats Girlfriend Whilst Streaming and Gets Arrested

Chinese League of Legends player Li 'Vasilii' Wei-Jun was arrested during a live stream after reportedly beating his girlfriend. The professional player for Newbee is no stranger to controversy and has been involved in a number of rage quit incidents during official tournaments and has even claimed to be celibate because too much sex was hampering his performance. On Thursday, October 26th the LoL Reddit blew up with videos of Vasilii playing online from his apartment. Whilst streaming he suddenly he flips the table over in a rage, and after his girlfriend tells him to stop losing it, she begins to scream as he reportedly beats her.

The distressing footage has been translated by members of the LoL Reddit and include him asking if she wanted a beating and threatening to kill her. At 2 minutes 19 she can be heard asking why she was being beaten. Eventually, he returns to the stream and messages his teammates to let them know he's going to the police station. WARNING: Distressing content and extremely loud volume during parts of the video. x