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Archive • Sep 14, 2017

China Prepares for CS:GO Launch With Hardcore Marketing

As China prepares for the Perfect World version of CS:GO to launch, skyscrapers have been lit up and billboards placed in all major cities to promote the game. On September the 15th 2017 Chinese players will be able to play the CS:GO open beta for the first time. The game has not previously been officially released in China due to rules and regulations that it could not meet. The Perfect World version of CS:GO has been created specially for the Chinese market and includes changes such as the removal of skulls from weapon skins and stickers, and will be free to play.

The release date was released in an action packed trailer featuring professional players and crowds of excited fans. With the release just one day away, the advertisement for the game has gone into overdrive. x The Guangzhou tower in Guangzhou was colorfully lit up: x Nanjing saw two skyscrapers light up with CS:GO banners: x Chongqing is also getting ready for the release: x The advertisements went further than just lighting up towers in all China's major cities. Ninjas in Pyjamas shared pictures of billboards and other buildings being lit up as part of CS:GO's hardcore marketing. x x In a press release made on the Chinese CS:GO website, they revealed that they had joined with one hundred thousand internet cafes and had prepared ten million computers loaded with the new CS:GO client so that players could enjoy the game no matter where they are. The Chinese release of CS:GO will be a momentous event as the games reach will dramatically increase and player base will rapidly expand. x