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Call of Duty Have Teased a New WWII In-Game Event Coming April 17th

There appears to be a new in-game event coming to Call of Duty: WWII, with April 17th being the scheduled date for launch.

A short GIF was posted on the game’s official Twitter page as a tease for the new event, although no official information was offered other than the release date.

The GIF features Captain Carver Butcher, who stands in as the Quartermaster for the game’s Headquarters whenever there is a special event.

For every event, Butcher dons a different outfit, and for this one he has a dark green military cap, goggles, and a dark green mouth scarf.


This will be the latest in a series of special, in-game events that have occurred periodically since the game’s release in November of 2017.

The previous events – Winter Siege, The Resistance, and Operation Shamrock and Awe – were all received positively as they provided new cosmetic items, weapons and weapon variations, and cool game modes.


All of this has, of course, been happening during what has been a busy period of time for WWII and developer Sledgehammer Games.

There have been major changes applied to the game recently, including a huger overhaul of the Divisions system and other core game mechanic adjustments.

This flurry of activity from Sledgehammer is a showing of dedication to keeping the vast player-base happy with new content.


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