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Archive • Jun 06, 2016

Some Buffalo Wild Wings Stores Refuse To Show E-League


An interesting article has been released by Motherboard regarding the fiasco of Buffalo Wild Wings failing to communicate their esports initiative to their own restaurants. As one of the three big sponsors of the E-League, Buffalo Wild Wings had promised fans that all televised matches on TBS would be aired in their restaurants, however two weeks in a row, a number of fans have been left disappointed. The range of complaints include restaurant managers deeming the game too violent, waitresses calling fans nerds and a number just refusing to put it on because they'd not heard about it. Part of the VICE network, Motherboard looked into the situation, including ringing a number of restaurants around the country, with only 1 of 10 saying they would be showing it live. The real question is will it ever change? You can read the full article by viewing the Motherboard Website, or read a quick preview below.
"Other people on the Counter-Strike subreddit said they were simply refused when they asked to watch ELEAGUE. This is such a topic of discussion on the Counter-Strike subreddit, one user has composed a lengthy guide on how to watch ELEAGUE at a Buffalo Wild Wings without incident. I called a dozen Buffalo Wild Wings locations around the country, and only one location in Arizona even knew what I was talking about when I asked if I’d be able to watch ELEAGUE there next weekend (the manager knew because a group watched it there last night). When I asked a manager at a Buffalo Wild Wings location in Manhattan if I could watch ELEAGUE there next weekend, she flat out said no. The place sounded very busy and she seemed annoyed that I would even ask. With the exception of the Manhattan location, everyone I talked to at Buffalo Wild Wings was confused, but nice. The most common answer was that, if I got there in time to claim a TV and it wasn’t too busy, a Buffalo Wild Wings employee would be happy to put on whatever I wanted."

Source - Motherboard


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