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Archive • Mar 13, 2018

Blizzard Adds Old Spice as Overwatch Contenders NA Sponsor

It has been announced that Old Spice will be an official sponsor of Overwatch Contenders NA. Overwatch Contenders is the second tier of official Overwatch competition beneath the Overwatch League itself. The North American division has been under the greatest spotlight, with seven Overwatch League teams fielding academy squads there. Contenders NA kicked off on March 11th. The tournament is designed, at least in part, to be a proving ground for rising talent, and that element of the competition seems to have born immediate fruit, with rumors already surfacing of Contenders players being signed to Overwatch League teams. The partnership with Old Spice marks another big-brand sponsorship for Blizzard’s Overwatch esports program, with the Overwatch League already boasting sponsors such as Toyota, T-Mobile, and Sour Patch Kids. In honor of their esports connection, Old Spice have created a new advert that aired on the Contenders stream. Old Spice have a history of creative and entertaining ads, and their latest didn’t disappoint. Many of the Overwatch League partners have also produced or sponsored additional content or segments, such as Toyota’s “Access Granted” or the Sour Patch Kids “The Turning Point”. It hasn’t yet been announced whether Old Spice will lend their name to anything similar for Overwatch Contenders NA.